Personal Operations save 274,008 minutes a year

The Personal Operations team worked out that each year they spent in excess of 5,285 hours discussing your referrals with underwriters.   This didn’t fit with our mission to be ‘easy to do business with’ and all this time meant that you were not getting the instant decisions you needed. We wanted to change this and provide you with accurate and quick decisions when you needed them, so an Underwriting Authority Project Team was established to work out how to handle at least 95% of calls without the need to refer.

Here’s what they did…

From January 2014, underwriting authorities were rolled out to our Broker Support teams following a technical skill assessment programme. We then delivered a technical insurance training programme to all team members so that we could give our people the additional knowledge and skills to look after you without needing to refer.

The changes have had an immediate impact and 98.49% of all calls have been dealt with without the need to refer, ensuring you get the instant decisions you need. This demonstrates our commitment to developing and empowering our people to deliver a better service to you and your customers.

The team are now spending 22,834 fewer minutes a month  referring 3986 calls, which equates to 274,008 minutes a year. Since the underwriting authority project went live the average call handling time has also decreased by 1 minute 20 seconds, averaging at 3 minutes 18 seconds per call – meaning more time for you to spend with your customers and secure more business.

The results may have a direct link to our recent telephone survey which was published at the end of 2014. We had more of you getting involved and giving us your feedback – which is great. However most importantly the survey has shown how we are constantly making improvements to achieve the level of service you deserve and expect.


Question Combined 2013/14 Result
Brokers participating in the telephone survey 1622
Were you satisfied that your query was resolved effectively 99.30%
Do you consider LV= Broker easy to do business with 98.63%
Overall, how satisfied were you with the service you received today Excellent 76.77%
Very Good 13.70%
Good 2.84%
Satisfactory 0.60%
Poor 6.09%
Based on your experience, would you recommend LV= Broker to your customers and colleagues 97.44%


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