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Fury of shopkeeper at woman’s fake trip claim

Our customer, a small convenience store, received a letter of claim from a firm of solicitors alleging that their client had tripped outside their property sustaining a broken collar bone and whiplash type injuries.

CCPT were aware of an ongoing industry wide investigation (Operation Clapham) into fraudulent slip/trip claims in the North West and recognised the photographs and documentation provided by the solicitors matched the profile of these claims. The claims being investigated were all in the North West and involved slip trip claims outside small businesses.

Initial investigations by our team concluded that there were no witnesses to the alleged accident and nothing shown on the CCTV.

Further investigation confirmed the claimant did not attend hospital until the day after the incident, despite serious injuries and drove the 17 miles home from the store. It was also discovered that the claimant had been investigated previously for benefit fraud.

The claim was referred to the team investigating the Operation Clapham claims. Thanks to the intel, specifically the CCTV footage showing no accident, it was decided to refer the case to the IFB.

The claimant did not receive the compensation set aside by LV=, which was in the thousands. They were arrested and finally admitted fraud and the falsification of documents.  At the beginning of April this year they were given an 18 month suspended sentence, 240 hours community service and ordered to pay £1796 costs.

CCPT TeamJames Garwood, CCPT Team Leader said “we’re passionate about combating insurance fraud. At LV= we have specialist Claims Crime Prevention staff to detect and repudiate false and fraudulent claims in the interests of protecting our genuine customers”.

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