The paper licence is gone – long live the photocard!

driving licenceSince 8 June this year counterpart driving licences are no longer being issued by the DVLA and old versions are no longer accurate or up to date when it comes to endorsements and entitlements.

The photocard licence is now issued on its own in a bid by the Government to reduce red tape and simplify services relating to road transportation; having previously stopped issuing physical tax discs to drivers.

There is now an online service which allows licence holders to see the information currently held about their entitlements or endorsements and if required there is a way of sharing this information with you.

We don’t require that paper licences are validated for any of our products, but if it is part of your existing process the Government has put together some useful information about what information you can access. Click here to take a look

If your software house gives the ability to record a Driver Licence Number then it is good practice to start collecting these from customers if possible. In the future once the MyLicence system is operational across all platforms it will give the ability to validate licences at point of quote, thus enhancing the information available to us.

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  1. Worth pointing out that the old style of paper driving licence remains valid for those of us that have never been issued with the Photocard, although I have discovered that you can still log in to the My LIcence site and obtain confirmation of entitlement and, where applicable, conviction details

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