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Broker Apprentice


We have a winner, Charlie Barrett, from Henderson Corporate.  Hot on the heels of announcing our well-deserved winner we’ve compiled a brief summary of this year’s series.  We’ve even done some digging and got together a few scoops on what goes on when the cameras are off!

It was a tough competition, from humble beginnings in Wimbledon to South London Sixth Forms and Broker Expo in Coventry Team e-volve and Team Inspire had some challenging tasks.  Relive their journey and find out why Charlie sailed his way to victory.

Missed the series – catch up now.

What is Broker Apprentice?

Broker Apprentice 2015 is a competition open to young Insurance Brokers across the UK, organised by Insurance Age and sponsored by LV=. The programme aims to showcase the skills and drive behind the candidates in an engaging, innovative and fast-paced way.

The challenge is to find the best young talent the UK has to offer in the insurance industry while simultaneously promoting the Insurance Broking profession as an exciting and rewarding career path. The candidates on the series are the finalists following a nationwide search for promising and ambitious young brokers.

Charlie Barrett will be given exclusive mentoring sessions with LV= GI CEO – John O’ Rourke and will also spend a week shadowing the Broker Exec Team (Phil Bunker, Mike Crane, Michael Lawrence, Michael White, Kevin Gill & Anna Peak). This experience will be invaluable to an insurance professional just starting out in the industry.

 Charlie Charlie Barrett
Trainee corporate broker, Henderson Corporate”A good friend of mine at AIG once told me that I bring a sense of humility to the table, I get the job done in a way that conveys the human side- I’m not the faceless corporate type and I think that’s what the markets, clients and prospects tend to appreciate.”
 Daniel Daniel Abbott
Account Executive, Watkin Davies Financial Services”I think the Insurance sector needs individuals that are professional, competent, charismatic and always looking to develop. Somebody who takes the profession and advertises it as a reputable and interesting career. That is me.”
 Emma Emma Garrity
Operations coordinator, Towergate Insurance”I have the skills and mindset that it takes to be a Broker Apprentice winner. I am very proud to represent Towergate and I am determined to try my best to win the competition!”
 Nick Nick Magee
Insurance adviser, Alan & Thomas Insurance Group”I believe that I will win because of a combination of three qualities – motivation, determination and my ability to adapt. I will not rest until I have achieved my end goal of becoming the managing director of a successful brokerage.”
 Tristan Tristan Antrobus-Holder
Account executive, Jelf Clarke Roxburgh”Having only been in Insurance for 5 years (only 1.5 years as a broker) I would like to think I have a fresh pair of eyes and ideals. I am a quick learner who is adaptable and keen to use and apply new methods to gain success.”
 Virginia Virgina Church
Account executive, JLT”No doubt the Broker Apprentice will provide challenges that mean I have to work outside of my comfort zone but I love a challenge and it makes me want to work even harder to make sure I deliver the best result possible.”

But what goes on when the cameras are off? We’ve found a few snaps from the teams when they are planning, winding down or just having a bit of fun!

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Who will be the winner of Broker Apprentice 2016?  Watch out for a brand new series coming later this year.

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