Tackling Claims Farmers gives us a winner

Over the past two years the threat of vishing and claims farming has been an ongoing threat to the industry.  As a result LV= have received in the region of 1000 personal injury claims and this was from just one particular claimant solicitor and associated claims management company.

As part of our commitment to fraud and our robust approach to these types of claims, we did a bit of digging as things just didn’t seem right.  The investigation was handled by Gary Beevers, who works in our Claims Crime Prevention Team.

Gary’s investigations proved right – something fishy was going on and we wanted to get to the bottom of it.  As a result, the successes include 62 claims defended following receipt of civil proceedings, which include several trial wins and findings of fundamental dishonestly.

The investigation has really paid off for both us and our customers, but also for Gary, who won the Unsung Fraud Hero award at the recent Post Magazine Fraud Awards for his commitment and achievement to this investigation.

Going forwards, LV= are currently working closely with the MOJ, SRA, IFB and IFED to combat the threat of claims farming to deter the public from being persuaded to pursue fraudulent personal injury claims which not only affect the industry but affect all of us too.

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