Become a classic car exhibitionist: Tips from the experts


Getting your car ready to display

Does your classic look driven? Fear not: Experts from Basingstoke Classic Car Club said this club in particular prefers cars to be used rather than pampered. Trailering them to a show, for example, is a definite ‘no-no’. Authenticity, cleanliness and finish are what get you points in this club.

It’s also been said by experienced judges that owners should make sure that four major areas of the car are in good condition and authentic: body and paintwork, upholstery, chassis (so avoid unsightly repairs) and colour.

Finding the right car show for you

Various amateur clubs invite those at the show, rather than experts, to judge the cars. Categories range from best pre-facelift, best facelift and best modified custom classes. Visitors are given a simple form where they then choose their favourite cars.

If you are planning a ‘classic’ journey and driving to the show, please ensure that your car can cope with the journey – and that means all of it. Remember, many shows are conducted in field’s meaning you’ll need to check that your classic car is covered for off-road use.

Where to exhibit your classic car

Release your inner exhibitionist as there’s plenty of classic car shows every summer, this means that choosing the right one for you won’t even be much of a challenge.

However, it may be worth mingling with the pros before you go forth alone, so here are three classic car shows to attend this summer:

  1. 1. CarFest South, this weekend
  2. 2. Concours of Elegance, 2-4 September
  3. 3. Beaulieu International Autojumble, 3-4 September

Looking further ahead, you can already find out how to exhibit at the London Classic Car Show in February 2017.

Haven’t bought your classic car yet?

If you are thinking of a change from sitting in the passenger seat of the classic car experience, you may want to consider:

  • How involved you are in its restoration
  • Could you rebuild the engine?
  • Are you happy just checking the oil and tyre pressures?

If your budget is modest, the private classifieds or even auctions are vintage locations to find an affordable classic.

The final pre-show checks 

  • Restored your car?
  • Polished the chrome,
  • Buffed up the leather upholstery and even varnished the wood?
  • Do you have enough in your tank to go the extra mile to win over the judges? Grab a costume! Dressing in period costume has been said to be a sure way to get the right kind of attention at the shows.

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