5 fog facts – not to be ‘mist’

No doubt you saw the thick fog roll over the UK recently causing many of us extended morning commutes.

During our long and gloomy morning queues on the M25, we found ourselves without the foggiest of how to drive in the unexpected weather.

During our lunch we had a quick Google to answer some of our team’s questions and thought they’d be great to share with you.

1. When exactly do I turn my fog lights on?

“The Highway Code says that you can turn your fog lights on when visibility on the road has dropped below 100m.”

How on earth would you know that?!?

If safe to do so, an easy way to figure this out is if you’re traveling 30mph, you would cover 100m in roughly 8 seconds. To judge the distance, choose a fixed point on the road ahead of you just as it emerges from the fog, such as a sign, and count the seconds as you approach it. If you get any higher than 8, it’s time to turn your fog lights off.  If not, then stop counting and turn them on!

2. Is driving without fog lights illegal?

“It’s not illegal to drive without your fog lights on, but you must switch your headlights on if visibility drops below 100m.”

If your lights were off in poor visibility your insurer might have an issue if you’re in an accident.

3. Is driving WITH fog lights illegal?

If you can see further than 100m then the answer is yes.

Remember to switch your fog lights off as soon as visibility improves. Your front beam can dazzle other road users, while rear fog lights can obscure your own brake lights.

4. How can I prepare to drive in fog?

Before you drive:

  • Clean your mirrors
  • Demist your front and rear windscreens
  • Check you have your breakdown safety kit in your boot – this is where your high-vis jacket and warning triangle may come in handy.

Top Tip: If the fog rolls in whilst you’re driving, check your mirrors and slow down when it’s safe to do so.

5. Which light is the fog lights indicator?

To me the fog light indicator looks like a sideways jellyfish.










It’s supposed to represent the beams of light breaking through the fog.















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