Get to grips with Twitter

TwitterTwitter profile. Make sure it’s complete and accurate – this is the first thing people see when they check you out. Contact details and a link to your website is important if you want to gain trust from your followers. A company logo or image should be uploaded – don’t just be a good egg!

Follow and follow back. Grow your followers organically and know exactly who you want to follow. Think about your industry, people you may know, customers, people you rate or journalists you respect. Don’t forget to follow back – but only if you’re interested in what they have to say.

The lingo. Know how to use them and what they mean. Keep it short and sweet (you’ve only got 140 characters) and use shortened links, such as

  • RT – Forwarding another user’s tweet to share with your own followers. You can retweet by clicking the icon
  • @ – This symbol will always precede a user’s Twitter handle e.g. @twitter If you wanted to send them a message you would include their handle and they would be notified
  • # – ‘Hashtags’ are used to identify messages on a specific subject e.g. #BIBA2016 They never have a gap in-between words and if a large number of users use one hashtag it can start trending on Twitter
  • DM – This stands for direct message and is used to send a private message to another Twitter user

What to say? Know what your customers want. Educate, inform and entertain. Don’t sell – it’s not the place for high pressured sales, although subtle promotion of services work. Think of Twitter as an online networking event.

Be seen. Engage and interact with your audience, especially if they’re talking to you. To build relationships and for Twitter to work for you, make sure you show up regularly.These are our top tips, for more like this follow us @LV_Broker. Happy tweeting!

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