Vishing – don’t get hooked!


What’s vishing?

Vishing is a persuasive form of manipulation to get private, personal and financial information over the phone; they’re cold calls where personal information is extracted during what seems like a normal conversation.

The problem

The existing problem of vishing can affect us all. We have also been subject to vishing calls – this form of criminal activity is on the increase and we want you to know about it. Vishing is not a new thing, however as technology modernises, so does the way vishing takes place.

Take action

If you suspect a vishing call, ask for more information including their name and company, contact details, the reason for their call and where they got your number.

You and your customers may receive these kind of calls, so it’s important to raise awareness and be vigilant to help us protect our own and customer data.

Download now: Find out what you and your customers can do to avoid being a victim.

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