Tackling underinsurance with a new tool

What should you do when claims happen and underinsurance is identified? Protecting your customers is your priority. We have a solution – a service designed to tackle issues surrounding inaccurate sums insured on commercial buildings.

We listened to you

We’ve listened to your feedback which has highlighted to us your strong desire for us to assess commercial buildings sums insured before claims occur. Crucially, you’ve told us that your customers would be motivated to amend sums insured, provided they were offered some form of claims guarantee in return.

We promise you

Where there is an up-to-date valuation provided via this service and the sums insured have been amended in line with this valuation, we’ll agree to remove the average clause.

If you have any queries about this service, please contact your Regional Sales Executive.

Here’s more on how the underinsurance tool works.

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