Top tips to prevent Malicious Damage

Exclamation MarkMalicious Damage is every landlord’s nightmare. Costs can be high – with repairs and replacements hitting hard! So far this year we’ve dealt with over 600 of these claims and we’re prepared to tackle this head on with you – supporting your customers in preventing malicious damage claims.

Here are a few tips from us on how to help your customers to avoid malicious damage:

  • For residential lettings it’s recommended the landlord and the managing agent request references and check them out thoroughly
  • Inspect let properties on a regular basis – 6 monthly intervals
  • Ensure properties are secured when unoccupied for example overnight or weekends
  • Take a deposit to cover damage which is not due to an insured peril
  • Take action if a tenant stops paying their rent. This could be an early indication that the tenant has left the property unoccupied, which could make it a target for theft and vandalism.

Watch our video below on the prevention of malicious damage including a real-life scenario.

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