Our Top Tips for Motorcycle Security

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Did you know it takes less than a minute for a motorcycle or scooter to be stolen, especially when they are left either unsecured or with inadequate security?

Here are our 10 Top Tips on what your customers can do to reduce the risk of bike theft:

  1. To reduce risk of theft, you should use two or more devices such as disk lock, lock & chain, Data Tag, Smart Water and alarm.
  2. Always apply steering lock and remove keys whenever you aren’t currently riding, even at petrol stations.
  3. Although a steering lock is essential, it may still be susceptible to being broken by a professional thief so you should always look to have additional security.
  4. Where possible, you should secure your motorcycle with the lock off the ground to an immovable object, for example a ground anchor, railings or lamp post, which will also deter thieves from just picking the whole bike up.
  5. You should use a cover to ensure thieves can’t see it. Thieves often look for particular bike models, so using a bike cover instantly reduces the odds of theft, as they can’t see if it’s the model they’re interested in. A cover also provides another time consuming obstacle for the thief.
  6. You should consider fitting a Thatcham-rated 1 or 2 alarm system with tracking and immobilisation.
  7. When at home, you should always consider putting the motorcycle out of sight in a locked and secured garage or shed. Use garage alarms, strong doors, secure windows and ground anchors should all be considered because an easy entry into your garage can give thieves both cover and time to remove anything inside. Always use your secondary security even inside your garage.
  8. Make a record of your key numbers, and then file them off the locks if they’re stamped on. Anyone with a number can have a key cut to fit.
  9. You could also mark the main areas of the motorcycle with your registration number or post code.
  10. Don’t leave your bike outside your home at night, but if you do, make sure it is covered and the alarm set and if you are away from home make sure you nominate a friend or neighbour to monitor your property and garage. Security lights can also put a potential thief off.

Remember to remind your customers that security devices can reduce their insurance costs.

If they follow these procedures your customers will have increased peace of mind knowing that they’re less likely to be a victim of theft, and they’ll also enjoy the additional benefit of reduced insurance costs.

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  1. Allot of great advice, tracking products over alarms will offer a much higher chance of seeing your bike again if it were to be stolen.. on average 90% success rate… biketrac.co.uk

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