We’ve expanded our Building Contractor Network!

We’re always on the look-out for ways to make our claims service even better – so here’s something extra for your customers. We’ve expanded our Building Contractor Network for commercial property claims – meaning over 90% of the UK is covered by our contractors. Click here to see the areas that we cover.

Our BCN is live and available to your customers today giving them a slicker claims process including:

  • Shorter claim lifecycle – the contractors have a £15k delegated authority so do not have to wait for authority to proceed on cases up to this value
  • If the damage is not covered – the contractor will explain why and offer to complete the work on a private basis
  • If the client prefers a cash settlement – the contractor will agree this and call it through to our cash line, so that the payment can be raised on the same day

We’re proud of our reputation and we want to keep it that way, so choosing the right contractors was at the top of our list. All of the contractors within the BCN have been selected for the quality of their work and their high standards of customer service.

The expansion of the BCN will be valuable to us all – ensuring your customers continue to receive a high level claims service. We’re also planning to cover the entire UK by the end of the year – we’ll keep you updated!

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