Stop, look and listen! #StaySafe

Stay SafeHowever long ago we were taught stop, look and listen, it’s something that stays with you. Pedestrians are another road user and with more and more vehicles on our roads each year, we must look out for each other.

  • Always cross the road at the safest
    place, if possible use underpasses, footbridges, islands or recognised crossings (zebra, puffin, pelican or toucan).
  • Do not cross between parked vehicle, on bends or in front of large vehicles – make sure you can see in all traffic directions.
  • DriversStop before the kerb and do not get too close to traffic. Look all around – in every direction. You may be able to hear traffic before you see it.
  • Stay alert and avoid distractions – your full attention is needed to cross the road safely. Vehicle can be travelling a lot faster than they seem.
  • Do not run and do not cross diagonally. Look out for vehicles whilst crossing, in particularity motorcycles or bicycles – they are likely to be traveling at different speeds and the road positioning can differ.

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