Meet the broker who sold the 100th Clear policy!

Clear 100 Policies

After launching our 5 new LV=Broker Clear products in May, we wanted to highlight the broker who sold the 100th policy. We felt that they are a part of history and deserved to be rewarded with the largest tube of jelly beans we could produce.

Congratulations to:

Bennett Christmas, who are based in West Sussex

The new LV= Broker Clear products bring strength, power and flexibility to our portfolio and perfectly complement our existing Highway and ABC products:

We had a chat with David Porter, Senior Technical Broker, Bennett Christmas (pictured left) to discuss all things Clear and had Jim Ramsay, Business Development Manager, LV= Broker (pictured right) hand deliver their jellybeans…

Clear 100th policy

How does it feel to be the broker who sold the 100th LV= Broker Clear policy?

David:  This is a very pleasant surprise for us! We’re proud to have been a part of such an important milestone for LV= Broker

What do you love most about our new Clear products?

David:  The strength and recognition of your brand that we and our customers associate with LV= such as excellent customer service, will make it easier to get our customers interested in your new products.

What do you think your customers will love about our new Clear products?

David:  The fact that you’ve brought back Home and made it such an important part of your new portfolio

How do you feel about the increased product choice that’s now available when doing business with LV= Broker?

David:  We always aim to give our customers as much choice as possible, so LV= Broker’s new products are even more likely to suit their needs. This is because our customers’ needs are much like their vehicles and homes; they come in all shapes and sizes!    

What are you going to do with all of these jellybeans?

David: I’ll be sharing them with our hardworking team to thank them for their efforts.

Click here to find out more about the new LV= Broker Clear policies.

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