A scooter crime fighting toolkit from the Metropolitan Police…


We believe that ‘prevention is better than cure‘ and want your customers to be aware of the role they can play in reducing theft. This is why we’re sharing the ‘Lock, Chain, CoverScooter Crime Toolkit provided by the Metropolitan Police.

This campaign is designed to educate the general public on scooter theft prevention and we thought this would come in handy for you and your customers.

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How you can ‘DIY’ with this toolkit

You can download free resources to educate your customers on how to avoid becoming a victim of theft. Click here to grab a copy and help Example Broker Name Ltd’s customers to stay safe in the face of criminal attempts.

What’s inside?

  • Poster
  • Leaflet
  • Social media imagery
  • Email drafts
  • Youtube content
  • Screensavers

If you have any queries about how to help your clients to protect themselves against scooter theft or if there’s anything else you’d like to talk about, feel free to get in touch with Frank Espinoza on 0800 678 3209 or Frank.Espinoza@lv.com.

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