Tips for securing a Motorhome


Motorhome theft is something no owner wants to go through as they lose a holiday, a memory and a means of transport. Officers have launched an operation after a substantial increase in the theft of Motorhomes; this has created a need for owners to not just be more aware but to also be more secure.

We’ve created a list of handy tips for you to pass on to your customers to secure their motorhomes this summer.

Here’s what you can do to reduce the risk of Motorhome theft:

1. Wheel clamps
These are a highly efficient way of immobilising your vehicle; it’s good for you to invest in these as the higher the quality, the lower the likelihood of theft.

2. Steering wheel locks
A great visual deterrent you can use which can vary between a padlock, chain, circular lock and even a bar-lock.
3. Gear locks
This allows you to lock the gear stick to the hand brake.
4. An alarm
This is more of an audible deterrent for your motorhome. The siren is normally located under the bonnet and is activated when the vehicle door is opened. This kind of alarm usually comes with a window sticker that you can position appropriately to advertise that your vehicle is alarmed, which encourages the would-be thief to move on elsewhere.
5. An immobiliser
This helps you particularly if a thief gains access to your motorhome, ensuring that they cannot steal it. Each time the customer switches off their engine, the immobiliser will automatically activate. Most immobilisers enable dual-circuit immobilisation to frustrate any efforts to start the engine by hot-wiring.
6. A tracking device
This device will help to monitor your vehicle 24/7. If stolen, a signal is sent by remote control to a control centre, locating the missing vehicle is and most likely the thieves that took. Pro-active tracking devices have a proven track record in recovering stolen motorhomes. Because of this, you could gain substantial motorhome insurance savings.
7. Using a CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association) accredited storage site
This can give you total peace of mind minimising security risks to your motorhome with features such as full perimeter fencing, lockable gates, CCTV and monitored entry and exit of the site.
Remember that security devices can reduce your insurance costs.
If you follow these procedures you will have increased peace of mind knowing that their holiday is less likely to be ruined by theft, and you’ll also enjoy the additional benefit of reduced insurance costs.



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