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We were definitely ready for our close up – on 18 and 24 October, when we featured on BBC One’s ‘Claimed and ShamedTV show with 2 claims fraud cases.

These investigations are just two of many examples of how we collaborate, investigate and secure evidence against those who are negatively impacting our industry.

The Canal Jumper

Synopsis: The claimant had a collision with one of our policyholders and attempted to dishonestly claim for personal injury and consequential losses. After claiming pain and restricted movements due to the accident he was found leaping over a canal in a video on Facebook. The claim has since been discontinued.

Date aired: 24 October 2019

Take a look here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0009n7d/claimed-and-shamed-series-11-episode-9

The Stag-do crash

Synopsis: A group of friends on a stag night said they were injured following a very minor accident with the coach they were travelling on. One of the claimants had recently broken up with his ex, who  then decided to thank him by sharing his master plan to pursue his dishonest claim. They still issued Court proceedings against LV but judgement was awarded in our favour saving in the region of £400-500k. It was ordered by the court that all 19 claims were to be dismissed, and that the claimants shall pay LV’s costs of the action.

Date aired: 18 October 2019

Take a look here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0009fbr/claimed-and-shamed-series-11-episode-5

The LV= fraud fighters

Our Claims Crime Prevention Team investigates potentially fraudulent claims, reducing increased expense to us and our brokers. You can help us in identifying and defending these claims by being extra vigilant and speaking to us if you have any suspicions.

Matt Crabtree, Complex and Organised Crime Manager, GI Fraud, said: “Raising awareness of these fraudulent attempts is important and it should be a deterrent to any opportunist fraudster thinking of making a false claim . We are pleased that the BBC was able to shine a light on how we’re tackling fraud within the industry and the consequences faced by the perpetrators.

General Fraud queries:

Matt Crabtree

01489 586434 matthew.crabtree@lv.co.uk

Motor Claims Fraud:

James Garwood

01689 804414 james.garwood@lv.co.uk

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