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Let’s get visual – the Metropolitan Police have created a handy #LockChainCover video for you to share with your customers.

There’s a rise in scooter crime and we want to make sure your customers are protected. This handy guide from the Metropolitan Police gives them a simple three step guide to keep unwanted hands off their beloved motorbikes.

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It’s easy as 123 with these simple steps your customers can follow to achieve #LockChainCover:

  1. LOCK: Use a disc lock on the front wheel to stop your bike being wheeled away. Fit a grip lock to the throttle and engage the steering lock.
  2. CHAIN: Secure the rear wheel with a chain and a padlock. Attach the chain to a ground anchor or other fixed object where possible.
  3. COVER: Bike covers prevent immediate access to the controls and security features and stop thieves shopping for bike models.

The Metropolitan Police also provide a list of approved products to help your customers secure their motorcycles.

If you have any other questions about helping your clients protect themselves against scooter theft feel free to drop Frank Espinoza, Motorcycle Product Underwriter, a line on 0800 678 3209 or



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