Protecting motorhomes this winter


With winter fast approaching your customers are going to need to take more care of their motorhomes than ever. We’ve got 10 top tips on what your customers can do to maintain their motorhome this season:

  1. Tyres – Checking tyre pressure to avoid tyre deterioration. If their adventures continue this month; they should invest in winter tyres.
  2. Paintwork – They can touch up their motorhome to prevent rust. Tyres can retain moisture, leading to rust or rot; one final clean before they pack it will avoid this.
  3. Awning – They should remember to extend their awning, and ensure that it’s clean and dry before packing it away to avoid unpleasant smells when they bring their motorhome back out when things warm up.
  4. Ticking over – Start the vehicle up once a month and leave it running idly for more than 15 minutes.
  5. Top-ups – They should be topping up oil, charging the battery and lubricating any moving parts will help it all to move better next year.
  6. Drain away – They should drain all the water from their storage tanks, including the waste tank, and ensure their taps are free from any surplus water (going for a short drive can help with this).This will ensure there’s nothing to freeze and expand when the temperatures drop, protecting all tanks and pipes. They could alternatively insulate their pipes.
  7. Keep it tidy – They should pay particular attention to the cupboards and cooking areas inside their motorhome, and keep them clean.
  8. Open and shut – They should whatever they can to ensure good air circulation in the interior e.g. leaving cupboard and fridge doors ajar.
  9. Cover up – They can protect their motorhome with some form of tarpaulin or specialised cover. Please note – some covers can prevent air from circulating, they should check their cover for levels of breathability.
  10. Avoiding rust – They can apply WD-40 or thin oil to protect against rust.



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